Alex Comminos creates and selects art that will have a visual and physical presence that rips through space exciting one’s visual perception thus creating spatial tension between the viewer, the art and the surrounding environment.

Comminos Studio

Comminos Studio was founded in 2012 in San Antonio, Texas by ceramic artist Alexander Comminos. The studio and the connected gallery were located in the Lone Star Art District. The gallery exhibited and sold contemporary art from selected artist as well as the current work from Alexander. The gallery became a major contributor to the success of the Lone Star Art District.

In 2014, Comminos Studio relocated to the Rio Grande Valley in Harlingen, Texas opening a larger studio facility and gallery. Harlingen, Texas is becoming the fastest growing center for the arts and artist in Texas. The studio is located within the historic Plaza Hotel near historic Route 77 in downtown Harlingen. The studio and gallery continue the tradition of the exhibition and sale of contemporary art.